Flower Tracks
Site Plan
Section D
Square Plan

Tracks in Noerrebro Park

  • Site: Copenhagen, DK
  • Time: 2005
  • Program: City Square
  • Size: App. 50.000 m2
  • Project type: Competition in collaboration with Lisa Torris, Julie Swane and Barbara Elbaek

Noerrebro is characterized by traditional blocks of housing bisected by two major transportation artery: Bispeengbuen and an elevated railway.

Noerrebro park is a remnant after the railway terrain that were formerly here. The place still bears the imprint of the many tracks that lay here side by side and you could say that it reminds train crossing through.

The proposal for a new park layout aims to recreate the significance of this site, focusing on tempo and dynamic. It is a multi-functional park where the multicultural Noerrebro may meet or pass.

Each of the elongated track-space are associated with one or more functions. There are thus four main tracks, which differs in function, size and partly through material. The proposal divides the park from west to east in: "the regional bike path, " "Promenade, " "the middle seat track" and "the asphalt paved multi-track".