Steps towards the water
Steps towards the water
Harbor Park
Harbor Park
7 Sections through the harbor looking north
Masterplan where 7 lines indicate the location of the sections
Diagram showing interaction between the harbor and the city

New Times in Old Spaces

  • Site: Rudkoebing Harbor, DK
  • Time: 2009
  • Program: City development
  • Size: App. 150.000 m2
  • Project type: EUROPAN 10 in collaboration with Yuval Amit, Grith Böcher, Anna Huss and Sara Jörn

PDF (filesize 3 mb): Delivered Presentation Boards


This was what Osvald Helmuth, a Danish entertainer, sang in 1937 about the harbor, telling about his longing and wishes for experiences in the world.

Back in these good old days in the last century, the industry was expanding all over European harbors, expanding the harbors themselves.

Today the situation is quite the opposite and the industry in Rudkøbing harbor, along with other industrial harbors in Europe, is decreasing in to smaller plots. This development is leaving behind vast areas of free spaces for new kinds of environments, which could better involve the city of Rudkøbing than before, when the harbor was occupied by work.

This project proposes new environments, placed in between the existing environments in the harbor. The new environments will strengthen and stage the existing ones. Old and new spaces will lie as sheets of ice rubbing up and down against each other creating interesting tensions and frictions between each other.

The strategy of the project is open and flexible, which in a sustainable way will respect the existing qualities as boatbuilding, fishing and sailing of the harbor and at the same time create possibilities to involve new qualities.

Shortly after this project we did "New Times in Old Spaces", Developing and experimenting with the same concept.