Denmark, Helsingør, Romerhusene
Denmark, Helsingør, Romerhusene (1960) Jørn Utzon
Finland, Kauttua, Terassitalo
Finland, Kauttua, Terassitalo (1938) Aino and Alvar Aalto
Spain, Cordoba, La Mezquita
La Mezquita, Córdoba, Spain


- I am an architect conducting research at Tampere University, FI, and teaching at the Aarhus School of Architecture, DK.

- My research involves intensive case studies of selected projects of housing in the Nordic countries from a modern era (1930-1970) immediately before a contemporary concept of sustainability was developed, to learn about properties of the architecture contributing to practices of sustainable housing, which can be found in the Nordic countries today. An important research question concerns the content: What qualitative and quantitative aspects of Nordic architecture led to sustainable housing architecture and how has it performed over time? Another important research question concerns how to access properties of architecture: How can we evaluate Nordic architecture for housing and its sustainable approaches, both historical and contemporary? My former research interest involved relations between cultures of building in the Middle East and North Africa and Danish Architecture. I often use fieldwork on site, - e.g. monitoring of climate, drawing, photography, and interviews to explore and uncover the potential of our built environment. As a Doctoral Student of the Doctoral Programme in the Built Environment at Tampere University, I am affiliated with ASUTUT – the Sustainable Housing Design group.

- As a Teaching Associate Professor at the Aarhus School of Architecture, I am involved in educating undergraduate students in architecture, which involves developing, executing, tutoring, and assessing assignments developed in collaboration with teaching colleagues. In my teaching, I am interested in involving my research on sustainable architecture and possibilities for adaptive reuse of existing architecture. Another focus in my teachings concerns how techniques of representation, - such as drawing and modelmaking, can be involved dynamically and systematically in project development. I have previously taught at the Royal Danish Academy, Architecture, Design, and Conservation. Following interests in architecture in both the Nordic Countries and in the Middle East and North Africa, I have traveled extensively, often with students in architecture and on study trips