8 Sites
8 sites: Domus Vista, Bispeengbuen, Mindelunden, Rigshospitalet, Parkinggarage at Israels Square, Christianschurch, kastrup Airport and Rysenssteenskvarteret
Rysenssteens Collage
Models of the first 7 sites collected as a collage
Site Model
Site Model
Model of the Residential Construction
Model from above
Model of the Residential Construction seen from above


  • Site: Rysenssteenskvarteret, Copenhagen, DK
  • Time: 1997
  • Program: Residential Construction
  • Size: App. 1000 m2
  • Project type: Studies in collaboration with Lisa Torris and Morten meldgaard

We wanted to forget the city of Copenhagen as we knew it. We wanted to rediscover it and to propose architecture to Copenhagen from our new discovering.

With this shared idea we wandered through the city. Experiencing it with our senses and investigating the interaction between communicative and infrastructural network.

8 sites were chosen as pin points, each telling a story of life in the city. We created an archive for all the material we found and from there we let the project develop into 2 different directions.

I choose to investigate and make a proposal for how a residential building could look like, if it were live up to our experiences, closely fitted to the body and connected to the infrastructure of the city.

It is a house turned inside out, where the other houses surrounding it keeps the life that is being liven there within as a secret.

The site is located in front of the headquarters of the police. Here there used to be a garage containing vehicles of the police and the foundations of this old building still exists used temporarily as a parking lot. A triangular area between the foundation and the pavement is left over.

On the edge of the foundation a wall is raised as was it the first one in a traditional building, but this wall is left alone and only a stairway, an elevator and a ramp is build on to it giving access and stabilizing it.

On this wall dwellings can be fastened on the"outside" as corals on a coral reef. For every dwelling the construction, the shape and needs of the inhabitants has been attuned into an independent unit living side by side with other corals on the side of the wall. All the departments are coupled to electricity, gas and water through piping in the wall.

The building will change with the changes of its inhabitants. Some will shrink and others will be extended. Inhabitants will move while newcomers will build their dwellings reusing parts and idea of the ones left over.