(photo: Brian Minor)
(photo: Jonas Hartwig)


Troels Rugbjerg (April 26, 1970) is an architect doing research, practicing and teaching.

His research is on non-western cultures of architecture, which he relates to western building culture as it can be found in Denmark. He is focusing on building cultures of the Middle East and North Africa and at the principles of spaces found in these cultures. He uses field work where he is especially interested in using photographing that he assembles and animates in imageseries. He has been travelling extensively often with students and has received several travels grants and legacies. He is lecturing on Arabic Architecture, his thoughts and work has been published and he has a blog at Ark. Forlag.

Troels has smaller building projects of his own, collaborates with other architects on projects concerning strategic planning and has worked on architects offices.

Troels has been teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture in Cph, DK and at the Aarhus School of Architecture, DK. His pedagogy has evolved around the possibilities of involving representational techniques - sketching, in the tutoring of students.

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